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Waterfall in the Richtis Gorge - Crete

    Waterfall in the Richtis Gorge - Crete

    Crete, Greece

    Richtis waterfall - TricksForTrips


    Richtis Gorge - Crete
    Parking (Free)
    3€ / Free
    30' (One way)
    4.5 (Not busy)


    Richtis Gorge is one of the few gorges in Crete where water flows throughout the whole year. In addition to this, It hides one of the most colorful and beautiful waterfalls in Greece.

    It’s located at the north of Crete, next to Exo Mouliana Village, which is 20 minutes from Sitia and 1h from Agios Nikolaos by car.

    The shortest way to reach the waterfall is from Richtis beach. From Exo Mouliana you will have to drive down to the beach on a bumpy and winding road. Don’t worry, you can make it even with a Fiat Punto.

    This road will take you around 15 minutesjust try to follow the sign on the main road of the village (here) instead of the Google Maps indications and stay on the road made of concrete.

    Once you are near the beach you will see a parking lotat the beginning of the hike where you can leave the car. Next to the parking lot there is a wooden cabin where you will be asked to pay 3€ as the entrance fee to the hike (younger than 15 is free). However, if you go early in the morning or late in the afternoon there might be none and you could go for free.

    This hike to the waterfall is quite easy and flat and it will take you about 30 minutes. In some sections it gets a bit technical since you have to go on some rocks to cross the river but it’s not difficult at all.

    At the beginning you will be walking through the gorge on a winding trail. Afterwards, the landscape will turn on a beautiful deciduous forest around the river that sprawls with lush vegetation in spring and in summer. You will find several ponds on the way where you can have a dip. After 30 minutes following the paint marks on the rocks, you will see the majestic 20 m high waterfall creating a beautiful turquoise pond below it.

    You can swim at the waterfall but it's forbidden to get in the water with sunscreen or use soap, as the area is protected. There is a kind of small stony beach and a picnic table where you can rest and enjoy the view.

    Although it’s an easy hike, it’s not recommended going there if it has been raining because it might be flooded and there could be sudden water streams or rock falls.

    If you like hiking, you can continue further than the waterfall, or you can try to reach the waterfall from the other side of the gorge, either from Exo Mouliana (2.5h one way) or from the stone bridge of Lachanas (2h one way).

    It’s a popular spot , but you will not be overwhelmed by the amount of people you will run into, it’s not crowded at all. Actually, If you go in the afternoon there will be almost none.

    There is an info panel that recommends not walking through the gorge after 17:00 during Summer and after 15:00 during Autumn and Spring, but you can still do it (it’s not dangerous, just try to go back before sunset) .

    At the beach there is a cantina (food truck) and a potable water fountain. Be aware there is no other source of food/drinks during the hike and that the cantina might be close.

    In case you need it, there is a taxi service to Sougia (+30 697 46 267 49).

    • Richtis waterfall - TricksForTrips

    The colors of the pond, the waterfall and the moss that covers the rocks are out of this world.

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