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Marathonisi island - The turtle island in Zakynthos

    Marathonisi island - The turtle island in Zakynthos

    Zakynthos, Greece

    Marathonissi island in Zakynthos - TricksForTrips


    Marathonisi Island
    Agios Sostis harbour (Free)
    10€ (boat, both way)
    15' (One way)
    8.5 Very busy


    Marathonisi Island, also known as Turtle Island, is a small and charming island located in the bay of Laganas, on the southern coast of Zakynthos. This island is popular for being an important nesting site for the sea turtle Caretta caretta.

    How to get there

    Marathonisi is usually one of the stops on boat tours departing from the port of Agios Sostis. However, if you only want to go to the island, there are water taxis every 30 minutes for €10 (round trip). If you prefer, there are also boats departing from Keri.

    Marathonisi island

    The island offers a strip of white sand and crystal-clear waters, ideal for swimming and relaxing. Keep in mind that near the shore and in the first few meters in the water, you will find pebbles, so water shoes will come in handy. Additionally, don't forget your snorkel as you might spot a turtle around the area.

    Marathonissi island Zakynthos - TricksForTrips

    It is a practically untouched natural environment, and is uninhabited. There is no shade on the beach, so don't forget to bring plenty of sunscreen as well as something to protect yourself. You will find several boats with bar service, where you can have a snack or a drink, although the prices are quite high. Additionally, some of them play music at a rather high volume.

    During the nesting season (summer season), access to the beach is only allowed up to the first 5 meters. This is an attempt to protect the turtle nests.

    Keep in mind that being a common stop on most tours, it is quite crowded during high season.

    On the opposite side of the beach, there are a couple of sea caves. You can reach them by swimming; however, they are a bit far. Watch out for the currents.

    Es bastante turística, no se respeta lo suficiente el entorno de las tortugas. No hay mucho que hacer además de estar tirado en la playa.

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