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Must see in Sapa

    Must see in Sapa

    Sapa, Vietnam

    Sapa is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Vietnam. If you like mountains, landscapes with rice terraces, and waterfalls... you are in the right place.

    If you want to discover the essentials, we strongly recommend spending at least two days in Sapa. Here are some of the activities you can do in the area:

    Sleep in a homestay

    homestay vietnam - tricksfortrips

    Many people come to Sapa with the idea of spending a night at a homestay. A homestay is a traditional Vietnamese house (large wooden cabin), typically in the countryside. There, you'll experience the daily life of local communities, eat typical food, be offered tours to other villages or waterfalls, and learn more about the local culture

    You can find several options online, and often, hosts are waiting directly at the bus stop for tourists arriving on overnight buses.

    Go to Fansipan

    Fansipan summit buddha - TricksForTrips

    The highest point in the country and Indochina offers breathtaking views. You can take the cable car for 800,000VND. If you're adventurous, we recommend hiking the 12 km trail to the summit, where you can witness spectacular landscapes, as well as picturesque pagodas and Buddhas. Here is more information.

    Visit Silver waterfall

    Silver Waterfall panoramic - TricksForTrips

    The Silver Waterfall is a popular 200 m high waterfall located in the SaPa region. You'll need to pay an entrance fee of 20,000 VND to access the trail.

    Explore Love waterfall

    It is a cascading waterfall, with several steps descending from a height of approximately 15 meters. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and green mountains, creating astonishing sceneryThe cost to access the trail is 70,000 VND.

    Get a Vietnamese massage

    sapa massage vietnam tricksfortrips

    While not an exclusive activity in Sapa, a massage after a day of hiking will be fantastic. The price is around 400,000 VND, depending on the duration and type of massage. Some options include a Red Dao herbal bath.

    Walk around Cat Cat village

    Cat Cat Village is a popular tourist destination in the Sapa region. You can walk and enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains, rice terraces, Cat Cat Waterfall, and immerse yourself in the Hmong community. Typically, Sapa homestays/hotels organize these types of excursions.

    Rent a scooter and stop at the thousands of viewpoints

    Sapa rice fields tricksfortrips
    Sapa checkins tricksfortrips

    You can rent a scooter for around 120,000 VND and ride around the countryside. You'll find plenty of check-ins where you can stop and take photos, though there might be a small fee you will have to pay. Among these check-ins, the glass bridge stands out. However, in order to reach it, you'll need to take an elevator and pay 500,000 VND. Bear in mind it might be cloudy/foggy.

    Visit Ta Phin and Ta Van villages

    Ta Phin and Ta Van are two ethnic villages in the Sapa region. You can immerse yourself in Red Dao and Hmong cultures, visit rice terraces, and go hiking and trekking in the area. These excursions are also commonly organized by homestays/hotels.

    These are just a few ideas of things to do in Sapa. Leave a comment if you have any questions!

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