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Loutro - The Beautiful Greek Village in Crete

    Loutro - The Beautiful Greek Village in Crete

    Crete, Greece

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    Loutro – Crete

    Free ; 5€/Boat
    1h 30′ ; 20′
    6.5/10. (A bit busy)


    Loutro is a small seaside village, with white and blue houses and taverns that give it a unique charm. Also the big cliffs rising up directly behind it stand out in the background. It’s said that it was the location of the ancient city of Phenicia.

    It’s located in a sheltered bay 8 km west of Chora Sfakion. There is no way to get there by car since there are no roads connecting it to somewhere else.

    You will have to reach Loutro from Chora Sfakion, easily reachable by car, scooter or by bus from Chania. You can check the bus schedules (Chania – Chora Sfakion).

    Once you are in Sfakiá, you can leave the car in the harbor and reach Loutro either by boat or by foot.

    • The hike from Chora Sfakion to Loutro (8 km along the cliff, no shade) is very interesting as you will pass by Glyka Nera beach (more info here), a typical cycladic church and the most important thing, many goats. It takes between 1h 30’ and 2h. Think of bringing plenty of water with you and a good sun cream.
    • In case you prefer to go by boat, here you have some companies that make the link between Chora Sfakion and Loutro. Some of them also stop in Glyka Nera beach. It costs around 5€/trip, you can pay directly on the boat (often only in cash).

      Deligiannis lines: ;
      taxi boat sfakia:
      Anendyk Seaways: ;

    It’s not a mass tourism destination, but the whole village is exploited for it. The coastal promenade is full of terraces and taverns whose prices are quite higher than in other areas of Crete. Also, the beach is covered with sunbeds.

    Don’t forget to visit Loutro’s viewpoint. The panoramic view of the village and the cliffs is a sight to behold (Location).

    The two beaches of Loutro are covered by shingles. They are sheltered from the waves so the conditions are good for a relaxing swim. Finikas or Lykos beach are another two options located 20 minutes by foot, where kayak rental is available.

    You can also visit Turkiko Kastro ruins (less than 10 minutes walking, location) or the church of Sotiros (less than 15 minutes, location).

    Next to Loutro, you will find Marmara Beach and its sea caves, Glyka Nera Beach or do the hike of Aradena Gorge (more info). You also have daily ferries to Agia Roumeli (Samaria gorge), Sougia, Paleochora and Gavdos island.

    If you like exploring, you might be interested in hiring a private boat to discover the coast. You will find many caves, especially in the east area. Prices start at 90€ and a license is not required for the smallest ones.

    • Loutro - TricksForTrips

    It’s a very cute village, but apart from the picture of the landscape, there is nothing else special to do in the village. Fortunately, you have many interesting alternatives in the surroundings.

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